Our traders work to provide excellent customer service and try to resolve any issues that may arise. However, from time to time things will go wrong or communication will break down. Here is some advice to help you resolve any potential issues.

Resolving an issue

A trader should work with you to try to resolve any issue in the first instance. You should document all communications with the trader to refer back to later if needed. You can contact the Citizens Advice consumer service if you need further advice. Citizens Advice will pass the information on to Bromley Trading Standards.

Complaint best practice

The first stages of a dispute are crucial to finding a quick and stress-free resolution. First and foremost you should follow these easy steps.


Keep copies of your communications

Any phone calls you make, texts you send or emails you write should be documented. This will benefit you in the long run should the issue not be resolved.

Be reasonable

Give the trader an opportunity to put the problem right

If appropriate, it is reasonable to allow the trader an opportunity to put the problem right. Not allowing the trader this opportunity in a reasonable situation may go against you in a formal process to resolve the dispute.

Get help

Contact Citizens Advice for help

In the event that you can't resolve the problem or get your money back then call the Citizens Advice consumer service for advice on 0808 223 1133.

What if things go wrong?

If things go wrong you can seek advice from the Citizens Advice consumer service. KCC Trading Standards monitors complaints on all individual members of the scheme.

Contact Citizens Advice

0808 223 1133