Report a trader

If you are not satisfied with the work that has been carried out by a member of the Trading Standards Checked scheme or if you are concerned about their conduct please report them to Citizens Advice.

Reporting a trader

If you want to report a member of our scheme, please contact the Citizens Advice consumer service. They will take the relevant details, provide you with advice and pass the information directly to Bromley Trading Standards.

Citizens Advice consumer helpline: 0808 223 1133

Member removal

The decision to remove a trader is not made without an appropriate investigation completed by our specialist vetting Officers. Whilst a trader is under investigation we are able to remove them from the online directory. There are many reasons why we may remove members from the scheme, most will be due to a breach of the Code of Conduct. We constantly monitor the traders on our scheme to make sure they maintain the highest standards and follow our Code of Conduct.

Concerns about your trader

We work with the police to protect people from doorstep crime and financial abuse. If you have concerns about a neighbour, family member, friend, patient, client or someone you visit, please report it.