Warning signs

Spotting the warning signs of a rogue trader early could mean the difference between losing nothing or losing everything.

Stay alert

Doorstep crime is financial abuse. You can help prevent vulnerable people from becoming victims. Make sure you can spot the signs of doorstep crime and financial abuse and help protect you, your friends, family, neighbours and customers.

Signs of an untrustworthy trader include:

  • Asking for all the money upfront.

  • Asking to be paid in cash only.

  • Not willing to provide any paperwork.

  • No previous work reviews.

  • Door to door sales & cold calling.

  • Not being clear when explaining what work is to be done.

  • Completes work to poor standard or not at all.

Victim stories

Every year, elderly & vulnerable people are targets of doorstep criminals. Doorstep crime is a particularly cruel and devious fraud, which can see people lose their life savings, feel unsafe in their home and have poor quality work done to their property.

What if things go wrong?

If things go wrong you can seek advice from the Citizens Advice consumer service. Bromley Trading Standards monitors complaints on all individual members of the scheme.

Contact Citizens Advice

0808 223 1133